New Unionville & Western Railroad

Cliff Bridge Construction 
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This bridge is a 30' compound through Girder Bridge.  This bridge utilizes three girders instead of 2 larger or 4 smaller girders.  The use of 4 beams would really make two separate bridges taking up more width space of the right of way. The beams are from a bridge over Clear Creek on the old Monon track in Bloomington, IN. Pete removed the
bridge as part of the track removal of the then CSX abandonment of the old Monon.  The utilmate in Recycling.

Rick Jenkins (center) is cutting end plates for each girder end which will give them a sloped finished look.  Upper right, Matt Sheerin is using a cutting torch to cut the 45 degree angle on the ends of the girders for the end plates.  
Kent Bolerjact (left) is welding one of 26 steel diaphram
beams to the girders.  The floor of the bridge will be attached to these beams and will support the trains. 
These beams are galvanized to reduce maintenance and
the worry of rusting.

Matt Sheerin putting the finishing touch on a beam cut.

Kent comes up for air after welding a diaphram in place.

Rick Jenkins grinds a weld off the top of one of the sloping end caps on one of the girders.

Operation "Big Pour"

The Cliff Bridge has been painted and on put on grade.  The concrete footers are in the ground.  The end bent caps are formed up and ready for concrete.  "Operation Big Pour" was the nickname for this job.  We used the railroad to haul the concrete from the "batch plant" to the bridge.  Rick, Mike, Guy and Donnie hauled the concrete in gondolas. Kent made the concrete and then shipped it to the bridge.  The operation took many trips by rail and about 7 hours to pour.

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First Kent mixed the concrete at the batch plant.  It was then loaded onto the trains for transport to the rail head.
Mike and Rick approaching the bridge with a load of ready mixed concrete
Donnie and Guy returning to the batch plant
after the job was completed with their last load.
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The Cliff Bridge is half decked and nearing completion.
Donnie Cain looking on as Kent installs the last self tapping screw attaching the treated deck boards to the 6" galvanized "H" beams used as floor beams on the bridge.  This bridge is now completed.
Donnie Cain, Kent Bolerjack and Pete Pedigo are decking the new Cliff Bridge 7-22-07.
Photo:  Linda Bolerjack