Donnie Cain, Kent Bolerjack and Clarence Cockran then decked the center part of both bridges. This made it safe to push the wheel barrows across both bridges to pour the concrete into the end bent formwork.  By not putting the decking along the edges the sandblasters can sandblast and paint part of the girders from the top once the concrete is poured and the forms removed.

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New Unionville & Western Railroad

Limedale Junction Bridges
Rick Jenkins is welding the girders to the spacers for proper elevation.  The spacers will then be poured in concrete monolithic with the end bents. 
There are two bridges at Limedale Junction.  Both are on legs of the wye before the mainline crosses the dam on the lake.  Both bridges are of the steel girder type.  We used 6" x 6" galvanized floor beams as to not have to worry about rust or having to paint them.  The outside girders are 12 and 15" steel beams and were sandblasted and painted before the floor decking was installed.
Rick Jenkins, Pete Pedigo and Bill Lesburg are preparing to lift the north bridge to the proper elevation. Rick will then weld the spacers to the girders. 

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North Bridge 

South Bridge

Laying the Track across the north bridge.
Left to Right: Bill Lesburg, Mike Jenkins, Rick Jenkins, Kent Bolerjack, Don Smith, Larry Walters.

Donnie Cain at the shelter house drill parts
for the track laying crew at Limedale Jct.

Rick Jenkins and Clarance Cochran laying the last piece of rail for the wye at Limedale Jct. 

This is the completed Limedale Wye including two bridges across the emergency spill way for the lake.