This is the look we are going for, except it will be 4 stalls on each end.

This building is in the ground on 3 sides. The walk in door is on the fourth side. There will be 4 elevated tracks 32' long, 30" high through the building.
Making it easier to work on locomotives at waist height.


New Unionville & Western Railroad

Diesel Shop

Done, except for the scale brick and the Nickel Plate Road sign.

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Even a modern diesel railroad must have a turntable for it's
steam program.   Good place to build a roundhouse too !
Donnie Cain and Kent Bolerjack are installing the new lead
track to the turntable.  A great improvement is the use of
concrete ties and pre-bent rail using Kent's rail bender.
All work and no play makes for a long day.  So before departing for home Kent and Donnie take a ride delivering coal to those online power plants.  The train is about to enter the east portal of the tunnel.