May 21, 2022 Inaugural Redbud Meet
                                at the
      New Unionville and Western Railroad
                    Bloomington, Indiana

1.5 miles of track with long engineered grades with 126 switches.

175' poured in place reinforced concrete tunnel.

10 steaming bays

Signaled blocks with passing sidings for bi-directional running.

Pull through, 3 track unloader (no backing up required)

Two vehicles can be at the unloader at the same time and the turntable is nearby for turning equipment.

Saturday is the offical Meet Day and lunch will be provided at no charge.

You can arrive on Friday the 20th at any time to unload (or wait until Saturday, May 21st.)
You can stay and load out on Sunday May 22nd at any time you desire
There is limited space for self contained RVs and Campers and you are welcome to make use of it.  There are many hotels in Bloomington. 
A Super 8 is 4 miles away and Bloomington has resturants galore. There is a grocery store 1 mile away from the track.

If you are driving a vehicle that needs to unload train equipment use this address for the gate at   4251 E. Bethel Lane,  Bloomington, Indiana 47408 (before you turn in make sure there is enough space between you and the vehicle in line ahead of you at the unloader so you do not block Bethel Lane with a trailer.)

If you do not want to unload as soon as you arrive or ARE NOT driving a vehicle that needs to unload train equipment use the drive at 4450 N. Stidd Drive, Bloomington, Indiana 47408 .

Please Email:  Tyler Cook at for registration and any more info so we have an idea of how many people will be attending.

Register soon.  If too many people are registering we may have to close registration at some point. As of now the last day to register is Tuesday May 17th.