New Unionville & Western Railroad

Nickel Plate Division

The Nickel Plate Road and MONON Railroad are my favorite railroads.  I was born and raised in Frankfort, Indiana, a major division point for the Nickel Plate. It is only natural that some of the equipment on this railroad be Nickel Plate Road.  While I was living in Frankfort, Indiana along the Nickel Plate, Tony Koester was living in Cayuga, Indiana on the Cloverleaf District, Third Division between Frankfort and St. Louis.  In 1966 Tony cofounded the Nickel Plate Road Historical and Technical Society.  His accomplishments and contributions to the model railroading hobby are well known.  He is a former editor of "Model Railroad Craftsman" magazine and has written Trains of Thought for "Model Railroader" magazine for many years.  He is the builder of the many times written about Allegheny Midland Railroad layout which was influenced by his fondness for the Nickel Plate Road.   I was honored to have Tony visit the New Unionville and Western Railroad.    
Below:  Engineer Tony Koester heading downgrade just out of the west portal of the 175' tunnel.
Below:  Tony doing a fine job around the super elevated curve and 
               heading down the 2.79 % grade, the steepest on the railroad.

Below:  NKP Blue Birds idling on the waterfall bridge near the railhead at the current end of the line.

Below:  Pete and Tony discuss what could have been if the Norfork and Western had not aquired the Nickel Plate
             Road in 1964.  Pete's SW1500 painted as possibly the second or third  #231 sits out of view.  The first
             231 was an SW 7. 
Photo: Bryan Lemonds
Photo: Bryan Lemonds
Photo: Bryan Lemonds