It's simple, the purpose is to build a 1/8th scale model railroad, run some trains and have a little fun.

Below: Jim Turner, Evansville, formed an unsolicited work crew made up of himself, Jean Hunter of Princeton and Tom Dickerson of Wadesville (not shown) and built 1000' of track in 10' panels. That is very respectable for 1 and 1/2 days work

Below: Here is another picture of a track building gang, another day, in the new diesel shop building before it was completed. This is about the 4th track building session these guys have put together on their own. They have built about 4000' feet of panels at this point total. It was really hot during this session. By the next session the drywall was done and the air conditioner was installed. Front left is Tom Dickerson of Wadesville, Jim Turner left rear is from Evansville, Jeff Keeper, right rear is from New Harmony and front right is Carl Breeze of Mt. Vernon.


New Unionville & Western Railroad